New Services: Hypervolt Deep Tissue Percussion & Gua Sha Fusion

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Lisa Moreno Massage

Holistic Health, Therapeutic Massage, & Wellness Services

Services include a customized treatment plan, home care recommendations, therapeutic grade aromatherapy, & hot towels.

Therapeutic Massage

Eastern Deep Tissue

Relieve tension within the deeper layers of tissue in your body

30*60*90 minutes: $100/hr

Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Improve circulation, reduce fatigue & anxiety

60*90*120 minutes: $100/hr


Regulate hormones, reduce swelling, & improve nerve pain

60 minutes: $100

Asian Fusion

Blend of Acupressure, Tui Na, & Table Thai

 60*90*120 minutes: $100/hr

Hot Stone

Relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, & promote deep relaxation
60*90 minutes: $100/hr

Senior Citizen

Reduce arthritis pain, increase joint mobility, & encourage overall well-being

30 minutes: $50

Wellness Services

Deep Tissue Percussion

Hypervolt - A cordless, state-of-the-art massage device that employs vibration technology to help ease muscle tension & relieve aches & pains
30 minutes: $50

Cupping Therapy

Mobilizes blood flow to promote healing & chronic pain relief

30 minutes: $50

Gua Sha Fusion

Traditional Chinese medical treatment of using a tool to apply pressure & scrape the skin to relieve pain & tension

30 minutes: $50

About Us

Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Massage Therapist

Your Practitioner

Lisa Moreno HHP, CMT

Chair Massage

Corporate Wellness Programs * Staff Appreciation * Private Events 

(2/hr min & $50 travel/set up fee)

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Free consultations available

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Call/Text: 858.699.0974

24 Hour Cancellation Policy: < 24-hour notice: 50% scheduled service.

25% discount for Choose Healthy, Healthy Rewards, or Well Rewards enrollment with your medical ID card.

Lisa Moreno Massage

3555 Kenyon Street, # 100, San Diego, California 92110

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